Very heavily coated or long haired breeds of dog can become quite matted over time.  This is often the case where incorrect brushes are being used to brush the dogs coat or the dog is unwilling to be brushed in certain areas (or at all!)

Also matting can happen for a variety of reasons such as illness, time, or a build up of dirt in the pet’ fur. Not everyone has time to keep on top of their dogs fur or simply, some parts of the coat have become too dense to brush out. If this is the case with your dog, we can help you and your pet with dog grooming and advice on proper pet care. 

A very matted pet is an uncomfortable pet

Matts can become tight and pinch on your dogs skin, which can lead to pain while moving and poor skin health.  Matts can also cover any underlying problems your pet may have.  In this event we will ask for your permission to shave your pet down (don’t worry, he/she will still be cute!) as clippers simply can’t go through mats, only underneath them. 

Unfortunately, de-matting can be a long, painful and expensive process. 
Some matts can be removed without too much effort and the coat can be saved.  The sooner we tackle dog matting the more comfortable your dog will be!

If this is the case, we will try to blend any shorter patches of hair in with the rest of the coat as much as possible.  We would then ask you to return soon, so we can continue to work with the dog coat and restore its balance and beautiful condition again. 

We always treat dogs with severe matting carefully and as compassionately as we can, leaving them with freshly bathed and moisturised skin.  It’s better to have dog matting dealt with as swiftly as possible, this will allow your dog to live their best, most comfortable life. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the condition of your dogs coat. 

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