Hyperactive, nervousness, nippers, fear aggression and separation anxiety. 

In the last six months at Dogcut we’ve pretty much seen all the different temperaments dogs can demonstrate.  More often than not our dogs are calm, tolerant of the grooming process or really enjoy a good pampering session.

Sometimes a dog will come in the door who isn’t happy about being groomed at all. 
There are so many reasons for this, an illness or injury, poor socialisation as a pup, abuse, neglect (all of these are common in your rescued pets), nervousness, anxiety, separation anxiety, or sensitive skin issues.  Some dogs just don’t like the sounds of the strange equipment. 
This is why it’s so important to get your pup used to the dog grooming process from a very early age.  With adult dogs we realise this isn’t always an option, so what do you do?

Firstly, it’s better to let us know by email or phone if your dog has any issues (call 0131 281 2351 if you’d like to discuss) before booking your dog grooming appointment with us.  This is important for everyone’s safety and for your pets’ state of mind upon their arrival at our Dogcut salon. 
Dogs need to feel, safe, secure and happy for the duration of their visit. 

Having a nervous and fearful dog at home myself, I understand that no dog sets out to harm anyone as their first response.  Nipping and biting is entirely fear based. 
Our aim in Dogcut is to make sure that over time your pet will be happy to enter the salon and know that dog grooming can be a pleasant, relaxing experience.  We will never restrain your pet if they are in a fearful or anxious state to get the job done.  We encourage our dogs to relax, use soothing tones, play time and lots of gentle cuddles where possible. 

Regular doggy clients will pop in for a treat, a puppy pamper or a groom in two parts until the dog is used to the salon and equipment.  You can do this too!

These dogs will learn in time they are able to have a full grooming session with no problems. 
Regular dog grooming sessions every 6 to 8 weeks are preferable in this situations, too long in between grooms can cause the dog to forget the pleasure/reset the brain to be fearful again. 
Sometimes a dog will have a certain part of their body they cannot tolerate being touched. In these instances, we will use our special slings to suspend your dog up from the table a few inches.  This gives them a feeling of floating and swaying gently while we trim nails, sanitary areas and other delicate zones without the risk of harm to the dog or ourselves.  I have witnessed dogs fall asleep in the sling.  We have successfully created a safe and loving environment for your pets, so they and you can feel at ease.  If we feel your dog is distressed, we’ll call you to assist with the dog groom and/or to reassure your pet; or we will stop the groom and recommence on a day that suits you. 

While some dogs may never fully enjoy the “dog grooming” experience they will learn to at least tolerate it and will always feel cleaner and happier afterwards.  If your dog is particularly hyper or very jumpy, we will apply the same methods to calm your dog down to a groom-able condition. 

How can you help?

A good walk beforehand is all your guys need to help them feel calm and relaxed.  They will pee, poo and be tired before the grooming.  This will ensure they don’t feel the need for the loo and will offer less resistance to the dog grooming process – this in turn will speed up the timing for everyone.

Occasionally very jumpy dogs can be nicked by our tools if they are particularly agitated.  We use very sharp scissors and other electric equipment, so there is a great chance of self injury.This is a very rare occurrence but please be aware this could happen.  In this instance we will perform the correct first aid and call you and then your veterinarian if necessary. 

We try not to turn anxious pets and pets with fear aggression away. We haven’t done so yet. Every dog deserves to feel their best.  On the very rare occasions where we may be unable to groom your pet, we may have to do just that, but so far so good!

Please know we will always try to do our best with dogs and where we can’t groom them we will give as much advice as possible to help as much as we can. 

Feel free to call or email us: 0131 281 2351 or woof@dogcut.co.uk