Regular Dog Grooming

 As we know, there are literally hundreds of breeds of dog with more dog breeds being added all the time. 
Where once upon a time, we may not have been able to keep a dog due to the size of our home, allergies or work commitments; we now have many more options about keeping a pet. 

This is due to careful and thoughtful breeding. From the tiniest of Chihuahuas to the biggest Mastiffs, there is surely a breed for everyone. 

Thanks to new pet services popping up all the time, there are many ways to help us manage our dog ownership much more effectively, dog grooming being one of those services. 

Every pup needs a certain amount of grooming now and then, some far more than others. 

While one dog may require a nail clip, minimal brushing and a bath four times a year. Others require very regular dog grooming in order to maintain a healthy coat.  Doodles have become a particular favourite in recent years as they carry a much lower allergy risk than their heavier coat-shedding cousins. These breeds however require very regular coat maintenance as their coats are almost always curly and soft. The hair doesn’t shed as much, it becomes longer and less manageable as time goes by, unfortunately becoming tangled and matted in the process. 
These breeds are unable to take care of their own coats by themselves and require human assistance. 

It’s always a good idea to completely comb out the entire coat on these dogs at least 3 times per week and for the dog to be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks at the very least. This will do your dog the biggest favour ever!

If you choose to use a dog groomer for your dog, it’s very important for your furry friend that you stick to a regular grooming routine. This is important for your dogs coat and other aspects of their care; its also important so that your dog becomes used to the salon and time without their owner. 

It can be intimidating for a new dog to visit the dog grooming salon the for the first time, but we have noticed after a couple of grooms, the most fearful of pets have learned to relax and very much enjoy their pamper time. This is lovely to see. 
Sometimes a dog will miss a regular groom due to reasons of life in general. On these occassions we have noticed the dog might perhaps take a little longer to settle into the groom and the experience may be different due to a build up of matts or knots. It is kinder to keep your dog groomed regularly so he/she knows what to expect every time.

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