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Comfort grooming is a service for elderly, disabled or infirm dogs.

We provide a soft, gentle groom for your dog to keep them feeling at their best; concentrating on the removal of unnecessary hair from eyes/ears, nail clipping, and a gentle clean with our sensitive skin products – in a quiet and warmly lit environment.

This can be done over 2 hours or broken into two 1 hour sessions depending on your dog. Where dog grooming is concerned, most dogs are groomed for hygiene, health and appearance. While this can still be said for elderly, poorly, disabled or very fearful dogs there is another element to grooming these dogs, Comfort.
If you have an older dog or one that requires a higher level of care than your average dog, it’s still important to attend dog grooming. Some dogs are unable to stand on a table for a lengthy time due to pain or discomfort. If this is the case, we would look at comfort grooming your dog.
Comfort grooming is a slow, gentle approach to grooming where we aim to help your dog feel better by clearing out faces of unwanted hair to improve vision, hair from ears to improve hearing, the trimming of nails to help with balance and anything else that would help your pet to feel better. Although the allotted time for appointments is 2 hours per session we will only do as much as your dog is happy with and sometimes comfort grooms can be done over 2 x 1 hour sessions. 
We want your dog to feel happy and clean, so we’ll only use the gentlest products on your dog.
Ask us about comfort grooming – it’s more popular than you think.  

We do our best to make things easier for you – you can even book your own appointment and pay online before you bring your dog! Read our lovely Facebook reviews HERE.


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