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Some dogs have a single coat and others have a double coat which will require frequent deshedding for a healthy coat and skin. Coats are designed to protect the dog from weather elements and keep the skin healthy, they also act as a waterproof barrier and insulation. You will notice in the Spring and Autumn, your double coated dog will begin to shed their coat. This is because the coat has lived out its life and is dead hair, it begins to fall out and will be replaced gradually by a fresh new coat. During this time you will need to clean more around your home to get rid of the hair and debris from your dogs coat. You will also need to brush your dog more frequently to keep the coat in check. 

Particularly heavy shedders like Collies and Huskies will require more brushing to free their coat of undercoat. Unless you perform this deshedding manually for the dog, it can become impacted under the top layer of coat and can become more difficult to remove. 

We have a variety of methods and tools aimed at deshedding your dogs coat. The variety of tools are aimed at the various stages of your dogs own deshedding, and what type of coat your dog has. It’s possible to spend a full 2 hours deshedding your dog followed by a good bath to remove the build up of dander and debris. 

Some dogs require deshedding a little more frequently due to central heating in our homes causing more hair growth. 

Ask us about deshedding in Edinburgh. 

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