If you’re looking for excellent dog grooming in Edinburgh, look no further!
Dogcut is based in Abbeyhill near local shops and within easy access to the City Centre. 

We all know the importance of good hygiene! 

Being clean isn’t just about feeling and looking good but also about staying healthy.
It’s just as important for your pet dog be kept clean. While we groom your dog, we take into consideration the health of your pet, along with how nice they will look afterwards.  

Dogs require special P.h balanced products so as not to irritate or upset the natural balance of their skin and coat. The products we use for dog bathing are for a variety of coat types from non-shedding to shedding, allergies, sensitive skin, pesticide control to the control of over oily coats and dandruff. 
Like us, dogs require dog cleaning to be tailored to them as much as we do 

During dog bathing, we often notice problem areas and skin issues that have gone unnoticed due to a very hairy coat, or a condition being hidden. We use the appropriate method of dog cleaning and offer follow up advice so you can care for your pets coat or skin out-with the dog grooming salon.

A well maintained coat is important for your dogs comfort and makes easier to look after at home too. We can help you select the right dog bathing products and brushes for your dog, to keep them healthy and looking great! 
Dog cleaning need not be difficult or time consuming for you.


Please come in for a consultation, we’re always happy to see you. You can even book your own appointment and pay online before you bring your dog! 

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