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Some breeds of dog require hand stripping in order to maintain a healthy bright coat.
Hand stripping is a method of grooming, the top layer of the dogs coat is removed by hand. The dead hairs are long and wirey and are pulled out from the dogs coat by the root to reveal the smooth dense coat beneath. Over time with hand stripping, the coat will become darker and smoother as new hair grows.
Hand stripping doesn’t hurt your dog in any way if done properly. The top coat should come out easily when pulled gently.
Some dogs require hand stripping every 4-6 weeks, some are far less frequent.

Hand stripping can take anywhere between 2-4 hours so please be aware of this when booking your appointment – the 2 hour slot you look to book may not be an accurate timeframe for the task in hand.

Please call Dogcut on 0131 259 4278 or 07578 143949 if you wish to book in a first visit hand strip, so we can arrange the necessary time for your dog.

We do our best to make things easier for you – you can even book your own appointment and pay online before you bring your dog! You can read our lovely Facebook reviews HERE.


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