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Why is it so important to have my puppy groomed early? 

All pups need a certain amount of puppy grooming even if it’s just a little nail trimming, brushing and a bath. Some dog breeds require more intensive and scheduled grooming to keep their coats healthy and tangle free. These puppies with longer or thicker coats need to be introduced to the dog grooming as soon, and as safely possible. This means after all vaccinations are complete and your puppy is ready to explore the big, wide world.  

The reason we like to see puppies early is to desensitise them to the grooming environment. We use tools which are as quiet as possible but they can still be daunting to a puppy. Brushing and nail trims can seem scary at first too, so we like to show puppies that these things aren’t as scary as they seem, and puppy grooming can be a pleasurable and relaxing experience.

We use puppy safe products on our new babies and we are as gently and as loving as can be. Often, if puppy grooming is introduced later in their development, it can be much more challenging for us and the puppy! Sometimes puppies have developed a dislike for brushing and touching of certain areas of their bodies or have become matted or tuggy, this causes a less pleasant sensation for the puppy grooming experience.

We like to do a Puppy Pamper at Dogcut before we get to the real puppy grooming with very young dogs. This involves a bath and dry, a light trim and lots of cuddles. In this time we try to familiarise our young dogs to the dog grooming equipment and our salon.

 This means in future dogs will look forward to their groom and not be so intimidated. 

Puppy pampers are available up to 5 months and all sizes are only £20!

If you’re looking for excellent dog grooming in Edinburgh, look no further!
Dogcut is based in Abbeyhill near local shops and within easy access to the City Centre.  

Please come in for a consultation, we’re always happy to see you. You can even book your own appointment and pay online before you bring your dog! 

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